JetSki Initiation without a boat license

JetMala Company is allowed by the French sea authority, in accordance to June 2001 law, to teach Jet Ski without license (agreement number 578/2008).

You could have the pleasure to ride from the age of 16years and enjoy Jet Ski in safety without license.

In a first step you will fill the rental contract, then the Jet Ski instructor will explain you how to drive a jet ski and brief you about the safety rules on the sea.

Then you could go freely for 15mn, 30mn, or 60mn by piloting a new 4 strokes technology machine : the VX 1100cm3. This Jet Ski is ecologic and powerful with 100 H.P

You could ride in the bay in a district of 2.5km² under the supervision of a Jet Ski instructor.

Services included:
- Activities supervised by federal Jet Ski instructors.
- Equipment in conformity with EU norms.
- Quality of the individual equipment provided.
- Neoprene Suit vest, life jacket, Jet Ski glasses.
- Insurance included.
- Gasoline furnished
- English Spoken.